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We create Best Digital Products

We provide Web development, Internet Marketing, Web hosting and Affiliate marketing services to our clients.

Web Development

We provide a complete package for companies who want to be part of the internet community. We will build your website step by step and provide you a fully functioning and well designed website that will add value to your business.

Internet Marketing & SEO

We own a portal that will showcase your services to our clients locally and internationaly. The link to our portal is:

Web hosting and domain registration

If you already know how to build your website, we will provide you the right tools to host and register your domain in one of the best servers in the world. Reasonably priced with great features that will make managing your website an easy task.

Affiliate Marketing

We also do affiliate marketing. If you think you have a product that will provide value to our clients, send us your offer and how can we be part of matching it with our clients. And we will take it from there.

Our mission

Turn Ideas into Reality

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alikay LLC is always here to answer any type of question you have related to our services. You can also contact us directly through our email:


Web Development, Internet marketing, Web hosting and Affiliate marketing.

Alikay LLC is a USA based company located in the state of Virginia

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